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Chris Larsen Net Worth 2024 – How Rich Is He Really?


January 2, 2024
chris larsen net worth

Chris Larsen, born in San Francisco, California in 1960, is an American businessman and angel investor with a net worth of $2 billion. He has had his hands in many Silicon Valley startup technologies, such as E-Loan, Prosper Marketplace, Ripple Labs Inc., Californians for Privacy Now coalition, Credit Karma, Betable, Qifang and Electronic Privacy Information Center. Not only that but he has also founded OpenCoin in 2012. His educational background includes San Francisco State University from which he earned his B.S., and Stanford Graduate School of Business for his M.B.A. Before his business endeavors he was employed by Chevron across 3 countries – Brazil, Indonesia and Ecuador.


What is Chris Larsen’s source of income?

When Chris Larsen co-founded and launched the company OpenCoin, he got his big break and most of his income. With this breakthrough, it became much easier to send money instantly and directly since it collaborated with Ripple and developed a new payment protocol for them. Now, Larsen has a 17% stake in Ripple (XRP), making him one of the richest people in the crypto space.


Cryptocurrency Leader

After co-founding OpenCoin in 2012, Larsen made a strategic move into the crypto industry, working on Ripple, a groundbreaking payment protocol that enabled instant money transfers.

For a time in 2014, XRP was second only to Bitcoin in market capitalization after the company rebranded as Ripple Labs, Inc.

In 2022, Larsen made headlines with his views on Bitcoin’s environmental impact, urging the leading crypto to adopt more eco-friendly mining practices. Larsen Lam founded the Larsen Lam Climate Change Foundation to promote sustainable practices in the crypto industry despite facing criticism.


Wealth and Earnings

Larsen is a successful businessman and investor who has founded multiple companies that helped him reach where he is today.

A majority of his wealth comes from his companies. He holds a 17% stake in Ripple Labs, Inc. Additionally, he holds 5.19 billion XRP in his personal portfolio.

In the future, Chris Larsen’s net worth will increase further if he continues to operate at this rate.


Early life and family

The name of Chris Larsen’s parents is unknown. We do know that his father worked as an airplane mechanic for United Airlines, and his mother was an illustrator.

A wealthy man, Chris Larsen enjoys a lavish lifestyle. He owns multiple properties and luxury cars. His wife is Lyna Lam. They have been married for many years, and have two children. At the moment, the family lives in Seattle, Washington. The Highlands community is where he owns a massive estate.

The Larsen Lam Climate Change Foundation was also founded by Chris, who strongly supports the green campaign.

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