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How to Buy Cryptos with Aareal Bank (Step-by-Step Guide)


January 19, 2024
How to Buy Cryptos with Aareal Bank

This article will walk you through how to buy cryptos with Aareal Bank through SEPA transfers.

Aareal Bank is a leading bank in Germany that provides its clients access to buy cryptos on exchange platforms through wire transfers.

Active traders often look for a safe and secure means to carry out transactions; this is where SEPA transfers come into play. They are convenient, and SEPA bank transfers allow traders to buy cryptos with conventional bank accounts. Some crypto exchanges offer zero transaction fees with SEPA transfers.


Can You Buy Cryptos with Aareal Bank?

Yes, you can buy cryptos with Aareal Bank. Although Aareal Bank does not allow its customers to purchase cryptos directly from the institution, the bank has made provisions for them to purchase digital assets on some crypto exchange platforms. Therefore, traders can buy cryptos with Aareal Bank via Sofort, Giropay, SEPA, debit/credit cards, etc.

Let us look at how you can buy cryptos with Aareal Bank via SEPA bank transfer on two leading crypto exchanges in 2024.


How to Buy Cryptos with Aareal Bank on Bitget

The first digital exchange platform we will be looking at is Bitget. The exchange, launched in 2018, has grown to be one of Europe’s most reliable and reputable platforms, with 20 million people registered on it. Its interface is highly user-friendly, and Bitget provides access to trading tools that improve the trading experience. The exchange also offers relatively low withdrawal fees and zero fees for all EUR deposits.

Here is how to buy cryptos with Aareal Bank on Bitget.


Buy Cryptos on Bitget!


Step 1: Register an Account with Bitget

The first step to buying cryptos with Aareal Bank on Bitget is to open an account on the platform. Go to Bitget’s website and click “Sign Up.” The platform will direct you to a webpage asking you to input your email address/phone number and a password. After that, click on “Create Account.” Then, Bitget will send a verification link to your email address.

Once that is done, you must verify your identity on Bitget to unlock all of the platform’s features.

This part of the process is necessary in compliance with KYC regulations. You must provide a government-issued ID and a selfie to back the document. If your details are checked, Bitget will authorize your account within an hour.


Step 2: Select SEPA as your preferred choice of payment

Now, you have unrestricted access to explore the platform. Find “Buy Crypto” on the top-left side of the website. Choose EUR as your desired fiat currency and click “Bank Deposit.”

Next, select SEPA and press “Continue.”

On the next page, enter the amount of EUR you wish to deposit. Then, the platform will display the details of the recipient account.


Step 3: Make a Bank Transfer

Open your Aareal Bank app and transfer the specified amount to the provided payee information.

Once you are done, return to the website and complete the transaction. Bitget will release the purchased crypto to your account once the payment is confirmed.


Buy Cryptos on Bitget!


How to Buy Cryptos with Aareal Bank on Bitvavo

Bitvavo is the second crypto exchange we will be exploring in this article. The European exchange has an extensive list of 200 cryptocurrencies available for users. Bitvavo supports different European means of payment, including Giropay, iDeal, debit/credit cards, and SEPA.

Follow these steps to buy cryptos with Aareal Bank on Bitvavo via SEPA bank transfers:

1. Open a Bitvavo Account: To sign up on Bitvavo, you must input your details (country of residence, first and last names, email address, and password.) Agree to the platform’s terms and conditions and hit “Create Account.” Then, Bitvavo will send a confirmation link to your email address.

2. Verify your Identity on Bitvavo: Like Bitget, you must complete KYC verification on Bitvavo before trading cryptos. You can upload your national ID card, passport, or driver’s license to verify your identity. You must also provide a live video of yourself.

3. Choose SEPA: After Bitvavo has approved your account, go to the platform’s homepage and press “Deposit.” Then, you’ll be asked to verify your bank account. Once you do this, you won’t have to do it again. On the provided list of payment options, select SEPA among Sofort, Giropay, etc.

4. Transfer Euros: Input the deposit amount and continue the process. Bitvavo will then take you to a payment page to complete a transfer from your Aareal Bank app. Complete the transaction, and the deposit will be displayed on your balance immediately.

5. Buy your Preferred Cryptos: Find a crypto to invest in. Now that you have Euros in your Bitvavo balance, it is time to buy some cryptos! You can explore Bitvavo’s list of digital assets or use the search bar to find the crypto you wish to purchase.


Buy Cryptos on Bitvavo!


About Aareal Bank

Headquartered in Wiesbaden, Aareal Bank is a German institution that offers banking and digital services, structured property solutions, and software solutions for the European property sector. The institution has branches across Europe, North America, and the Asia-Pacific in over 20 countries, including the US, the UK, China, and Spain.


Bottom Line

The SEPA portal is one of the safest ways to buy crypto now. Its speed and cross-border payment network make it an excellent choice for crypto transactions. With SEPA transfers, you can buy cryptos with Aareal Bank on platforms like Bitget and Bitvavo in no time!


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