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BTCC Deposit Guide (Step-by-Step)


February 14, 2024
BTCC Deposit Guide

BTCC Supported Deposit options

BTCC offers a range of deposit methods, to fiat and cryptocurrency users. On the fiat side, users can deposit funds via online partner channels. This option ensures a straightforward process for those accustomed to conventional banking channels.

For cryptocurrency deposits, BTCC supports various digital assets, providing users with flexibility and choice. These supported cryptocurrencies enable users to deposit funds directly from their digital wallets onto the BTCC platform. Explore a comprehensive review of BTCC crypto futures exchange.


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Fiat Deposit Methods

BTCC supports fiat deposits in multiple currencies, including EUR, KRW, and TWD, providing users with flexibility in their deposit options. Users can conveniently deposit fiat currencies through BTCC’s partner channels such as MoonPay, Simplex, and ITEZ (accepting Mastercard and Visa), enabling seamless transactions directly onto the platform. Additionally, users can utilize these fiat currencies to purchase cryptocurrencies like USDT, leveraging their perpetual futures trading strategies within the BTCC ecosystem.


Crypto Deposit Methods

For crypto deposits on BTCC, users can leverage various blockchain networks to transfer digital assets seamlessly onto the platform. Supported blockchain networks include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH),Tron (TRX), Litecoin (LTC), and Ripple (XRP), among others. This diverse range of blockchain networks ensures users have flexibility and choice when depositing cryptocurrencies onto the BTCC platform.


Deposit limits

For fiat deposits on BTCC, users are subject to specific limits depending on the partner channel used. With Itez, the single purchase limit ranges from 200 to 5000 USDT, while Moonpay offers a broader range from 200 to 50,000 USDT. Similarly, Simplex imposes limits from 200 to 10,000 USDT per single purchase, providing users with options tailored to their needs.

Regarding crypto deposits, the minimum single deposit limit is set at 200 USDT, ensuring a standardized approach for transferring digital assets onto the BTCC platform.


Deposit fees

crypto Deposit fees

BTCC does not impose any fees on cryptocurrency deposits, offering users a cost-effective means to transfer digital assets onto the platform. However, it’s important to note that deposits falling below the minimum amount specified (200 USDT) will not be credited and may be subject to confiscation.


Fiat Deposit fees

When purchasing crypto with fiat currency, users may encounter various fees such as those imposed by banks, gas fees, and administrative fees from third-party service providers. You will receive a comprehensive overview of the fees required by a service provider. Review the fee structure of each service provider to understand the costs associated with your crypto purchase.


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BTCC Fiat Deposit Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1 Log in or Sign Up for an account on BTCC

Sign Up or Log in to your BTCC account.


Step 2 Navigate to the Fiat deposit page and Verify Identity

Hover over the ‘Deposit’ tab and click on ‘Fiat Deposit’.

Complete KYC verification using your Driver’s License or Passport.

Proceed to deposit via fiat or crypto after identity verification.


Step 3 Purchase USDT using Fiat

Select a Payment Method from the drop-down list of payment channels, including ITEZ (MasterCard, Visa), Moonpay, or Simplex.

Choose the payment currency from the drop-down list (EUR, KRW, TWD).

Input the quantity in the payment currency to purchase, ensuring it is greater than or equal to 200 USDT.

Confirm the payment information such as Reference price, Amount to pay, and Amount to receive.

Click ‘Buy with 0 fees’ to complete the purchase.


BTCC Crypto Deposit Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1 Log in or Sign Up for an account on BTCC

Log in to your BTCC account.


Step 2 Navigate to the ‘Crypto Deposit’ page

Hover over the ‘Deposit’ tab and click on ‘Crypto Deposit’.


Step 3 Deposit Crypto and Get Deposit Address

Select your deposit currency from the dropdown list.

Choose a blockchain network for the selected cryptocurrency.

Specify the amount of crypto to deposit.

Click on the Copy button to copy the deposit address or scan the QR code to copy the deposit address for the chosen crypto and blockchain network.


Are EXCHANGE funds secure?

BTCC ensures the security of funds through its Risk Reserve Fund, designed to safeguard traders’ assets and maintain a fair trading environment. Funded entirely by BTCC with an initial investment of 1 million USDT, this emergency fund covers losses incurred by bankrupt users and compensates for losses resulting from system failures during trading.

Regular updates on the Risk Reserve Fund Balance and Used Risk Reserve Fund provide transparency and assurance regarding the protection of users’ funds. Additionally, BTCC reserves the right to adjust terms as needed, reinforcing its commitment to maintaining the security and integrity of users’ funds.


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Bottom Line

BTCC offers a comprehensive deposit experience for both fiat and cryptocurrency users. With support for multiple fiat currencies and convenient deposit methods through partner channels like MoonPay and Simplex, users can seamlessly purchase cryptocurrencies like USDT.

For crypto deposits, BTCC provides a diverse range of supported blockchain networks, ensuring flexibility and ease of depositing digital assets onto the platform.

Additionally, BTCC prioritizes fund security through its Risk Reserve Fund, backed by an initial investment of 1 million USDT, offering reassurance to traders regarding the safety of their assets.


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