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Carl Runefelt (The Moon) Net Worth


March 21, 2024
Carl Runefelt (The Moon) Net Worth

Cryptocurrencies, entrepreneurship, investments, and social media leveraging are key elements of how Carl Runefelt made his outrageous $600 to $1.1 billion net worth. Rather interestingly, the Swedish billionaire was a store cashier, earning minor wages before delving into the crypto space.

Also called “The Moon,” Carl Runefelt’s net worth and business ventures are inspirations to young investors. It encourages them to develop entrepreneurial ideas with a can-do spirit and never hesitate to invest in profitable opportunities.

If you’re an investor searching for an inspirational wealth-making story or you’re a curious internet explorer, sit back and enjoy Carl Runefelt’s classic. This ride will take you through his life and investments and how he leveraged cryptocurrency to create an astounding net worth.


Who is Carl Runefelt?

There is a limited amount of information available online about Carl Runefelt’s (@TheMoonCarl) background and family, as he has a reserved personality. However, Carl was born on September 5, 1994 in Stockholm, Sweden. Before moving to the United States, he attended a private school in Sweden to complete his basic education.

To begin, you should know that The Moon had a rough start to his moneymaking journey. Firstly, Carl Runefelt did not further his education past high school, and as a dropout, only a few jobs were available for him.

Consequently, Carl had to work as a cashier at a grocery store to make ends meet. Also, Carl Runefelt suffered anxiety attacks growing up, with most of them being triggered by his thoughts about his future. In one of his Tweets, Carl confessed to taking drugs and alcohol to cover up for these anxieties.

However, in 2017, with what qualifies as a bold, determined move, Carl Runefelt decided to invest in cryptocurrencies. This move was a crucial turning point and the beginning of the creation of Carl Runefelt’s net worth. Carl started with Bitcoin but owns several other crypto assets today.


What is Carl Runefelt’s Net Worth?

In today’s rankings, Carl Runefelt’s net worth is a jaw-dropping $1.1 billion. Fun fact: Carl Runefelt’s net worth in 2022 was around $500 million, but the crypto guru has doubled his wealth since then. The Swedish billionaire attributes his crypto investments as his primary source of income, but he is also involved in numerous other profitable ventures.

Due to the success of his initial investment and other subsequent ones, Carl Runefelt didn’t hold back from sharing his expert ideas about the BTC market and price analysis. So, he created his YouTube channel as a means of providing other investors with firsthand info about the crypto market.

X (formerly called Twitter) was also not left out whenever he shared his crypto ideas. Although the channel accommodated other non-crypto contents in the past, it gradually evolved to be more about cryptos as Carl gained larger audiences.

Someone with no knowledge about Carl’s past will think the Swedish investor was born with a silver spoon. And why not? $1.1 billion ain’t no child’s play, haha!


How Did Carl Runefelt Make His Money?

As mentioned earlier, much of Carl Runefelt’s net worth stems from his investments in Bitcoin and other assets in the crypto space. It started with his investing in Bitcoin when the asset was valued at $3,000 in 2017. As luck—and market forces—would have it, the cryptocurrency took a massive bullish stride and dragged Carl Runefelt’s net worth along with it.

In no time, Carl made his first million from crypto even after claiming to invest his $1,500 monthly wage in Bitcoin. Today, he is recognized as a significant crypto expert, and he actively trades Bitcoin, Ethereum, Curve, DodgeCoin, and Cardano. Also, he is involved in famous NFTs, such as CryptoPunk NFTs (where he spent $1 million).

Despite his success in the crypto world, Carl wouldn’t take his foot off the gas. He diversified into other business ventures, creating jobs for others and earning huge profits simultaneously. Speaking of which, let us explore some of the major builders of Carl Runefelt’s net worth.



Carl Runefelt co-founded the Kasta payment app in January 2021. Kasta is a blockchain technology created as an alternative to mobile payment apps. The app differs from other mobile payment apps because it allows you to send and receive cryptocurrencies directly rather than in regular country currencies. This way, you can conveniently make your P2P transactions (paying for goods and services in crypto).

Kasta is growing in acceptance, and this generates more income for the Swedish billionaire. This is because he owns a sizable percentage of any proceedings from the use of the application or website.


The Moon Group

The establishment of The Moon Group earned Carl Runefelt his famous nickname. Carl Runefelt created The Moon in Dubai, UAE, based on his vision to build the most extensive blockchain ecosystem in the world. In his words, the group helps to “identify and invest in founders that are building game-changing models in the blockchain sector.”



Carl Runefelt is a hot cake in crypto-related conferences and seminars globally—all thanks to his savviness in the field. As a means of generating additional wealth, these consultancy and public speaking do not come for free. Little is known about how much he charges, but we’re certain that it’ll be worthwhile.


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