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Automate Your Way to Crypto Profits: Join the Phemex x RunBot Trading Event!


May 1, 2024
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Phemex x RunBot Trading Event


Phemex x RunBot Trading Event
Prize Pool 1,200 USDT
Task Use RunBot to devise trading strategies and subsequently executing futures trades on Phemex based on these strategies to achieve the highest trading volume
Campaign Period April 18, 2024 – May 15, 2024


Phemex and Runbot are partnering to offer their users an exclusive opportunity to trade and generate profits. The Phemex x Runbot Trading Event is an event where users can build, test, and automate their trading strategies. Users with the highest futures trading volume will have the chance to win a share of 1200 USDT. 

Despite being considered a relatively small platform with just over a billion in trading volume, Phemex is a highly secure platform for conducting trading activities and is listed among the top 30 exchanges on Coinmarketcap. With this partnership, users can not only leverage the Phemex platform but also strategize their trades to maximize their profits.


Visit Phemex! Supercharge Your Trading

RunBot simplifies the process of creating, backtesting, and automating your trading strategies. It works seamlessly with various exchanges and offers two connection methods: Webhook signals and Trading Signal bots. This ensures you receive timely trade alerts straight from your strategies.


Exclusive $1200 Prize Pool Event!

Mark your calendar and don’t forget to highlight the Phemex x RunBot Trading Event because you definitely don’t want to miss out on it.

Event Duration: April 18, 2024 – May 15, 2024


Here’s How to Win

To be eligible for a chance to win a share of the exclusive $1200 prize pool, all you need to do is abide by these simple rules.

  1. Trade on Phemex using RunBot within the campaign period.
  2. Achieve specific trading volume tiers to qualify for prizes
  3. The reward will be divided equally, with 50% provided as cash and the remaining 50% issued as a trading bonus.


Visit Phemex!



If you’re new to the trading arena and uncertain about your eligibility, here are the criteria you must meet to join the Phemex x RunBot Trading Event.

  • Trades conducted via RunBot exclusively will be evaluated for the trading volume condition. 
  • Only transactions from primary accounts will be considered; trades from sub-accounts will be excluded. 
  • Before starting off the challenge, ensure you register on Phemex and provide a valid Phemex UID that matches your email address to be eligible for rewards.


Prize Pool Breakdown

Like other major prize pools, the Phemex x RunBot Trading Event presents an excellent chance for numerous users to share in the rewards. Here’s a clear breakdown to give you a precise understanding of what awaits.


Tier Volume/USDT Prize*
1 100,000  10
2 200,000  20
3 500,000 50
4 1,000,000 120
5 2,000,000 240
6 5,000,000 600
7 10,000,000 1200


Terms and Conditions

  • This event necessitates that participants fulfill all specified tasks within the campaign duration. 
  • Each participant is limited to one entry for this event.
  • Prizes will be deposited into the winners’ primary Phemex accounts within two weeks following the event. 
  • Any instances of multiple accounts per user, market manipulation, self-dealing, or wash trades will result in disqualification. 
  • Trading bonuses and vouchers are not allowed for this event. 
  • Trades from primary accounts are the only ones eligible; transactions from sub-accounts will not be tallied. 


Visit Phemex!


Optimize Your Strategy And Maximize Your Wins!

If you’ve been using bots for crypto trading, luck could be on your side. But even if you haven’t, it’s still a chance to practice and learn with the Phemex x RunBot Trading Event and get a chance to win big. And while it might not be your usual strategy, there’s always something new to gain. Who knows? With a keen eye on the charts, you might stumble upon a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Visit Phemex and join the event because there’s everything to gain and not much to lose

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