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Football Fans, Get Ready to Train & Win with Bybit’s Crypto Cup 2024 Pre-Game!


June 8, 2024
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Bybit's Crypto Cup 2024 Pre-Game


Bybit’s Crypto Cup 2024 Pre-Game
Prize Pool 50,000 USDT
Activities Daily Tasks
Event Period May 29, 2024, 12PM (noon) UTC – Jun 14, 2024, 12PM (noon) UTC


With the Euro Cup just around the corner, Bybit is gearing up with an exciting new event, the Bybit Crypto Cup 2024 Pre-Game. Through this event, Bybit is giving away a massive 50,000 USDT in prizes! From PlayStation 5s and official merchandise to USDT rewards, there’s something for every football fan. But don’t wait – this event ends on June 14th, 2024, and prizes are limited!


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Bybit’s Crypto Cup 2024 Pre-Game

The Bybit Crypto Cup 2024 Pre-Game is a collaboration between football and crypto, where participants can share their love of both to win exciting prizes. With simple tasks awaiting, all you need to do is complete them to earn a chance to spin the wheel. There is a guaranteed winner, but only for a limited time with a definite prize pool, which is depleting much quicker than expected. So, if you’re looking to join in on the fun, here are some quick pointers you need to know about the Bybit Crypto Cup 2024 Pre-Game.


Event Period: May 29, 2024, 12PM (noon) UTC – Jun 14, 2024, 12PM (noon) UTC


How to Participate

With Bybit’s Crypto Cup 2024 Pre-Game, participants can easily win exciting prizes before the football season kicks off. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Click the “Register Now” button on the Bybit’s Crypto Cup 2024 Pre-Game event page.

Step 2: Complete Identity Verification Level 1.

Step 3: Complete simple deposit and trading tasks. You’ll receive one (1) Lucky Draw ticket for each task you complete.


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Once participants complete their daily tasks, they will be awarded a lucky draw ticket. With this ticket, participants will have the chance to spin the wheel for prizes and bonuses. Here is what Bybit has in store for its participants:

  • 5 USDT Airdrop
  • 10 USDT Airdrop
  • 30 USDT Airdrop
  • Hoodie
  • T-shirt + Cap
  • Zip Top
  • 150 USDT Airdrop
  • Football
  • PlayStation 5 + FC 24


Terms and Conditions

  1. Only participants who have completed Identity Verification Level 1 are eligible for the event.
  2. The Lucky Draw will end before the scheduled date if all rewards are distributed. Users should use their tickets as soon as they receive them.
  3. Only trades made after registration will be eligible for this event.
  4. Participants will automatically receive one (1) lucky draw ticket after completing each task. Each ticket grants them one (1) entry into the Lucky Draw.
  5. Rewards are limited and will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis.
  6. The total prize pool for the Lucky Draw includes 37,050 USDT, five (5) PlayStation 5 and FC 24 (valued at $600 each), 10 Football Pro (valued at $200 each), 30 Zip Tops (valued at $75 each), 40 T-shirts and caps (valued at $60 each), and 60 hoodies (valued at $55 each).
  7. USDT rewards will be automatically distributed to eligible users’ Spot or Unified Trading Accounts. Non-USDT rewards will be distributed within 14 days after the event ends.
  8. In case of stock shortages or logistical issues preventing the physical delivery of prizes to eligible winners, Bybit reserves the right to award winners USDT tokens of equivalent value. The value of physical rewards includes both the cost of the goods and the shipping cost.
  9. To ensure fair participation, the Lucky Draw function will be temporarily paused if the system detects any inappropriate, dishonest, or abusive activities among participants. During this period, users can still complete tasks and hold onto their Lucky Draw Tickets, which can be used once the function resumes.
  10. Trading volume from contracts with zero trading fees will be excluded from the total trading volume calculation for this event.


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The More You Play, the More You Win!

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to combine your passion for football and crypto with Bybit’s Crypto Cup 2024 Pre-Game. The more tasks you complete, the more chances you have to win amazing prizes. Register now, start earning your Lucky Draw tickets, and get ready to score big! Join the excitement today and see if you can be one of the lucky winners.

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