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Binance Futures Offering RENZO (REZ) Rewards for New Users and Referrals


April 28, 2024
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Binance Futures REZ Token Offering


Binance Futures Offering RENZO (REZ) Rewards
Prize Pool 200,000 REZ Tokens
Activities Futures Trade
Promotion Period 2024-04-24 12:00 (UTC) to 2024-04-30 23:59 (UTC)


If you haven’t heard of it already, the most awaited Renzo (REZ) token is finally set to launch, and with its impressive following of 102,000 and backing from major investor firms, it’s failing horribly at going unnoticed. The launch will occur through the Binance Launchpool, which is one of the biggest platforms for introducing new tokens. Adding to the excitement, Binance Futures is offering REZ tokens as rewards for both new and existing users who engage in futures trading on Binance.


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Potential for Free REZ Tokens and Future Growth

While the specific USDT prize amount is yet to be discovered, this could be a fantastic opportunity to secure some free REZ tokens. The hype surrounding Rez is fueled by two factors:

  • Its role as an ETH restaking protocol on EigenLayer.
  • Its upcoming launch on Binance.

So, if you’re interested in crypto futures trading, why not dive into Binance for your futures trading activities and potentially realize unprecedented gains as rewards?


Event Details:

While “Binance Futures Offering REZ Token as Rewards” aptly describes the event, it fails to highlight the potential rewards users can reap by making use of the Binance Futures trading platform. With the launch of the REZ token just days away, its launch price is yet unknown, which in a way adds to the excitement of the event with the potential of an uncapped prize pool. Here are some key details of this event to ensure your participation counts:


Event Timeline: 2024-04-24 12:00 (UTC) to 2024-04-30 23:59 (UTC)


How to Participate:

  • Registration for events on Binance Futures is not automatic. Users must visit the event page and click on the “Register Now” button to confirm their registration for the event.
  • New users who have not yet executed any futures trades on Binance are eligible for this event. This means that if you have not traded on Binance Futures prior to this event, you will be eligible for rewards.



In the Binance Futures REZ token offering, users will be rewarded through two different promotions running simultaneously in this event.


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Promotion A: Make Your First Futures Trade & Share 150,000 REZ

New users who sign up for the promotion, execute their initial futures trade, and achieve a cumulative futures trading volume of at least 100 USDT equivalent throughout the Promotion Period, will be eligible to participate in sharing the prize pool of 150,000 REZ tokens.


Promotion B: Get Your Referrals to Make Their First Futures Trade & Share 50,000 REZ

Referrers participating in the promotion will earn 25 REZ tokens for each eligible referral who executes their initial futures trade during the Promotion Period, based on a first-come, first-served arrangement, with a total of 50,000 REZ tokens allocated for Promotion B.. It’s important to mention that only current Binance referrals who haven’t engaged in futures trading on Binance before the promotion’s start and reach a cumulative futures trading volume of at least 100 USDT equivalent during the Promotion Period will be considered qualified referrals. 


Terms and Conditions

  1. Only verified users residing in eligible regions who click “Register Now” on the promotion page during the Promotion Period will be considered for rewards from the mentioned promotions (“Eligible Users”).
  2. Users may be eligible for rewards from both promotions where applicable.
  3. REZ token rewards will be distributed to Eligible Users within 14 business days after the promotions conclude. Eligible Users can log in and redeem their token rewards via Profile > Assets > Spot Wallet.
  4. To be clear, these promotions are exclusively available to Eligible Users who have access to Binance Futures services. They may not be accessible or may be restricted in certain jurisdictions, regions, or to specific users, depending on legal and regulatory requirements.
  5. All Eligible Users are responsible for familiarizing themselves with and adhering to any restrictions and/or requirements related to accessing and using Binance Futures services in each country from which they access the services.
  6. Binance reserves the right to disqualify any participants engaged in any fraudulent activities immediately (e.g., wash trading, bulk account registrations, self-dealing, market manipulation, etc.).


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Secure Your Chance at Free REZ Tokens

The clock is ticking, and  you don’t want to miss out on this amazing chance to earn free REZ tokens through Binance Futures. Register now, start trading, and potentially secure a share of the 200,000 REZ prize pool before the promotion ends on April 30th, 23:59 UTC!

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